The study of English composition and literature involves a wide range of genres (types) of literature and a similarly varied array of writing forms, both analytical and creative. Moreover, English language and literature tend to play a significant role in the lives of all liberally-educated individuals (those who are not only highly trained but understand the development of human history and how it is expressed in language). Careers in which skills obtained in studying English are absolutely central to success include the legal field, business, government, all forms of research, and communications. More specifically, English involves the creation, analysis, and criticism of various forms, including:

  • Short Stories
  • Poetry
  • Cinema
  • Novels
  • Essays
  • Creative Writing

Baccalaureate/Transfer Option

  • Associate of Arts with concentration in English
    • Suggested courses for the English Concentration: ENGL 115, 124, 125, 128, 140, 150, 160, 201, 202, 231, 232, 251, 252, 260, 261, 270
    • Additional suggested courses: courses in economics, foreign language, history, literature, or political science

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