The 亚博体育 社区 College Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to growing assets of the Foundation through gifts, grants and investment income and providing leadership in the allocation of funds for scholarship, 项目, equipment and facilities. Our mission is to support the College by strengthening connections to the community, promoting excellence in teaching, and providing access for student success.

The 亚博体育 社区 College Foundation was created in February 1980 by the 亚博体育 校董会 who realized that private monies could do what public funds could not. They saw a need to seek and invest gifts that were designated for scholarships and other needs the College might have as it grew into a larger institution. In 1986, the Foundation became a leader in the state when board members and volunteers raised an initial $2 million through charitable gifts. Today, the Foundation manages over $26M in assets!

Our Points of Pride

  • The Foundation awards over $1.23M in scholarships annually to nearly 700 full- and part-time 亚博体育 Students.
  • Since the inception of the Employee Campaign in 2018, 亚博体育 Employees have donated over $135,000 to support 亚博体育 社区 College and the United Way of Macon County.
  • The partnership with 迪凯特 Public Transit System addresses students’ transportation barriers by providing bus rides to all 亚博体育 students with a 亚博体育 ID.
  • Since its inception in 2009, the Annual Culinary Scholarship Dinner has provided over $500,000 to The 亚博体育 Culinary Arts Institute to support Culinary Students!
  • Through the Student Assistance Fund, the foundation assisted 108 students in FY23 with emergency relief grants, 笔记本电脑, 公交卡, and cafe vouchers to ensure that students do not have to choose between unexpected expenses and continuing their education.
  • 46$ of graduates received a Scholarship while at 亚博体育.