The 亚博体育 校友 Mentorship Program allows 亚博体育 Students to foster a sense of belonging, 与校友交流, grow their skills and knowledge, 确定职业道路, practice professional networking skills, increase social awareness and responsibility, and identify and pursue opportunities for employment.

In addition to the information and value that students 将 receive from this program, students 将 also receive anAward for participating in the program.


The program takes place over the course of a year starting in August 2023 and concluding in May 2024! The program consists of an approximately 20-hour time commitment over the course of the program.  Upon acceptance, students 将 be matched with a Mentor to guide them through the program.

The program 将 kick off with an 取向 in September 2023 (Date TBD) where students 将 go over goals, 目标, 和期望, as well as meet with their mentor! This orientation 将 also include an icebreaker activity that 将 test students’ teamwork, 领导能力, 烹饪技巧!

该计划将包括 4事件 that 提供 an opportunity for the student to add a component to their leadership portfolio. Following completion of the program, students can walk away with value added to their leadership portfolio w脑出血 提供 福利,当他们进入 员工或 继续 in higher education or training. 学生们 required to complete three out of the four opportunities to successfully complete the program. With each opportunity, there is an assignment that must be completed and 提交 in the Canvas LMS for a supervisor to review. 每一个ssignment is specific to the opportunity 

The four opportunities include:

  • 团队动力研讨会: In-person seminar* (Fall 2023)
  • 基本技能研讨会: In-person seminar* (Spring 2024)
  • 阴影的一天: Students 将 spend 4 hours of on-the-job training in an industry of their choice.
  • 志愿服务经验: Students 将 spend 4 hours of community volunteer service at an organization of their choice.

*An virtual option 将 be 提供d*

Students who complete the program 将 be invited to celebrate with their peers and mentors at the 学院状况 Luncheon on Wednesday, 4月10日, 2024!


  • 二年级的学生
  • Students must be registered and enrolled for a Fall 2023 course, regardless of credit hours
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Students must be in “good standing” with the college

Applications for students are due Monday, August 28, 2023.  Learn more about the program & 应用 在这里!

  • 校友
  • 社区成员 & 利益相关者
  • 社区领袖
  • Anyone who cares about 亚博体育 and our students!

Applications for Mentors are due Monday, August 28, 2023.  了解更多亚博体育指导的信息 & 应用 在这里!